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BHPA Safety Advisory

.... And the rest of the glider should be checked regularly too!

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speedwing soaring

Flight diary details
Date of Flight: 
20 Apr 2015
Takeoff site: 
High and Over

awesome day at High and Over ,started off on the ITV awak 16 then went for the swing mirage 11.5, smooth air ,loads of lift,sunshine,the perfect high wind day!

High & Over

In case the wind is suitable for flying at High & Over in the next few days, be aware that the National Trust have put an electric fence across the southern take-off (i.e. the brambly bit that takes an ENE). The fence is close to the front of the area, is quite restrictive to launching and virtually precludes top landing in front of the permanent fence. The purpose is to encourage the Dartmoor ponies to do their job and chew the rough grazing on the slopes rather than stand around at the top watching our antics.

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Accident waiting to happen

While analysing one accident I noticed film of another one waiting to happen. Getting in the habit of putting brake handles over the wrist has killed in the past and will undoubtedly kill again. Let's make sure it's not a SHGC member.

Please see

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Coaching evening - More XC with guest speaker Greg Hamerton

30 Apr 2015 - 19:30
30 Apr 2015 - 22:30

April's coaching evening will be led by Greg Hammerton.

He will be continuing the XC theme with a thermaling master class.

The evening talk will start at 8 pm but get there earlier for a drink and a chat.

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Asperities in boots

A pilot recently broke his tibia while ground handling. A significant contributory factor was that he had a ~30mm thick roll of thermal trousers within the shaft of his well laced up flying boot.

This roll caused an asperity, about which the tibia failed.

Do not have any asperities within your flying boots. Think like you would with ski boots and keep your socks pulled up and your thermals outside.

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Kortel reserve handle safety notice