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RRC weekend 23rd -26th may

23 May 2015 - 00:12
26 May 2015 - 00:12

It might look like im away in wales this coming weekend,so if any coach is wanting to help the red ribs this weekend lets me know.
As for flying this weekend on the southern sites,looks promising too.
Just keep an eye on red ribbons postings for updates closer to the weekend.

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Trying to work out the XC leagues calculations

Flight diary details
Date of Flight: 
19 Apr 2015
Takeoff site: 
Bo Peep

As Douglas Crockford said, "computer programs are the most complex things that humans make". Therefore it is difficult to figure out what inputs they need to come to an expected output and I am still experimenting with logging flights so that they count towards the XC leagues. This is yet another attempt :)

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Marshalling at Devil's Dyke and Beachy Head

Hi all,

There has been much talk about overcrowding recently so I'd like to remind all members about the systems already in place to control it.

For the Dyke, there is a marshalling kit in the cupboard behind the pub and it is the duty of whoever is first on site to get the stuff out and set up. Marshalling and controlling numbers of launches can be initiated whenever someone thinks it's necessary. This is the responsibility of every pilot on site.

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Forwarded on behalf of Tom Hardie:

Hi All,

There has been a considerable increase in First Person View (FPV) unmanned aircraft (drone) flying. This is where the pilot of the drone is wearing a device so that they can see the view as if they were in the drone. Therefore they have an extremely limited view when it comes to avoiding other aircraft. These drones can be of a multi-copter or helicopter design, or fixed wing design, both powered and unpowered.

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Going XC from a Southern Site

28 May 2015 - 19:30
28 May 2015 - 22:30

Following on the XC theme. May's coaching evening is going to be a detailed look at flying XC from one of the Southern Sites.

The evening will be taken by Simon Steel and Dave Massie.

It is going to build on the last two coaching evenings and look in detail at getting away and going XC.

Depending on the predicted weather the idea is to pick one of the sites most likely for XC after the evening and concentrate on that one.

That way you can all go out and apply what you have learned.

Induction for new members will be from 7.30 till 8

The talk will be from 8 till it finishes

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BHPA Safety Advisory

.... And the rest of the glider should be checked regularly too!

See attached PDF

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Accident waiting to happen

While analysing one accident I noticed film of another one waiting to happen. Getting in the habit of putting brake handles over the wrist has killed in the past and will undoubtedly kill again. Let's make sure it's not a SHGC member.

Please see