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Chilling at Bo Peep

Flight diary details
Date of Flight: 
17 Sep 2014
Takeoff site: 
Bo Peep

Nice, chilled day. Just five hangies out. I clocked up 3 1/2 hrs in four flights. Essentially a ridge soaring day in strong-ish ENE wind with some bullet-like thermals thrown in. Very hazy, with an inversion, and cloudbase not getting much above 1,800ft. Got nearly there once (1,750ft). Out to the A27 following a gentle lift line twice. And to the trees just before Firle and back twice - in an ENE! Later wind backed NE, dropped a little and got very smooth.

SHGC FREE 40th Anniversary Party!!!!

27 Sep 2014 - 18:00
28 Sep 2014 - 10:59

The party this year is FREE !

Venue is : Church Farmhouse Restaurant
East Sussex
BN26 6TZ

Date: 27/9/2014

Time 18.00

The first 50 people get half price burger or pulled pork and a drink for a fiver!
There will be a pa for sounds. Bring ipod or similar if you have some tunes to share :)
If on the other hand you can play guitar, bongos etc feel free to play around the roaring fire.
Camping and motor home/van encouraged in a nice sheltered field or car park and maybe we can try out the new owners of the

Beachy Head Windsock Update

A new telescopic windsock pole has been put in the equipment tube at Beachy Head. It has an associated ground spike, which can be pushed into hard ground reasonably easily. The pole in its stowed configuration has a plug at the smaller end, which, when removed, allows the top sections to slide out and be twisted into friction lock with the sections below. When fully extended, the larger end cap can be unscrewed, and the pole placed over the ground spike. PLEASE KEEP THE PLUG AND END CAP IN THE BAG ATTACHED TO THE BASE OF THE POLE so that they can be replaced after use.

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Ground inversions - it's happening again!

Before anyone climbs up and gets a spanking, or piles in for a landing, I'd like to draw everyone's attention to some old news about ground inversions.

Please see

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Summer 2014 - Plus ca change, plus ca meme chose!

This is again largely a concoction of old material, which is becoming more relevant again.

Once upon a time in the Southern Club there was gentlemanly behaviour in the sky. And it was Good.

Pilots on the ground were aware that they are the lowest form of aviation and justly gave way to all those above them. They even looked to check.

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September Coaching evening - Flybubble XCentials

25 Sep 2014 - 19:30
25 Sep 2014 - 22:00

Induction for new members from 7.30 till 8 pm, then from 8pm:

What knowledge and skills do you need to fly XC in the UK?

A UK centric talk about the essentials of thermal and XC flying by Flybubble CFI and UK XC aficionado Carlo Borsattino.

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Southend RMZ

The recent notification of the establishment of a Radio Mandatory Zone (RMZ) around Southend airport has led to a lot of discussion about the implications for free fliers. Some of the opinions expressed seem to be based on an incomplete understanding of the nature and purpose of RMZs, so this is an attempt to explain how they work.