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Combe Gibbet

Combe is closed until further notice following a fatal accident today.

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Selsey to Cissbury Ring

Flight diary details
Date of Flight: 
29 Jul 2014
Takeoff site: 

Long. ;)

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Southend RMZ

The recent notification of the establishment of a Radio Mandatory Zone (RMZ) around Southend airport has led to a lot of discussion about the implications for free fliers. Some of the opinions expressed seem to be based on an incomplete understanding of the nature and purpose of RMZs, so this is an attempt to explain how they work.

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coaching evening - the mysteries of the RASP skew T revealed

31 Jul 2014 - 19:30
31 Jul 2014 - 22:00

Gary Taylor is taking this months coaching evening.

He will be covering the skew -t weather diagrams and how to use and read them.

This is a great opportunity to understand how those graphs work, how to read them and how to use them in your flying.

(if you are scratching your head and asking what is a skew-t diagram then you definitely need to come along)

7.30 till 8 will be induction for new club members and then Gary will take over at 8 pm.

So come along and get some valuable information to help you plan your flying days.

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Brummel Hooks - Officially no good and here's the solution

Thanks to the good people in our club providing the BHPA with evidence to show the dangers of using Brummel hooks on paragliders, the European Paragliding Safety Committee have instructed the various manufacturers to find a better solution.

At this early stage it looks like there are two possible solutions.

1. For those who want a super quick connection, a quick release swiwel used as a key ring component is being trialed (very similar to the mechanism used already on hang glider pip pins).

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Southern Foot or Fly

1 Jul 2014 - 04:45
31 Aug 2014 - 19:50

SFoF 14 T-4 and counting. Shake down your flying and hiking gear, charge your batteries, load your waypoints, and prepare for launch - July 1st

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Bo Peep

Paraglider Pilots, please don't forget to leave room at the car park end of the top for hang gliders to launch and land.

Don't ground handle near to hang gliders unless you can afford to pay for the replacement of a £17000 carbon rigid. (BHPA insurance is not meant for member-to-member claims!)