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Devils Dyke to Great Chart

Flight diary details
Date of Flight: 
28 Apr 2016
Takeoff site: 
Devils Dyke

Unexpected climb out from Dyke!
Thought I'd made a bad decision to take off but persevered with what turned out to be really nice smooth climb, Greg was with me and we whooped for joy!

I'd spotted a bird over at Newtimber and kept my eye on it while I climbed out and had already thought I wasn't going back to the hill!

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Hang-gliding harnesses with back plates - Updated safety notice

Ref. no.: FSC.SC13 amended British Hang Gliding Date: 02/2016 Pages: 1 (Pink) and Paragliding Association Ltd
8 Merus Court
Meridian Business Park Leicester
LE19 1RJ
Tel: 0116 2894 316 Fax: 0116 289 8741
Issued by Angus Pinkerton - Chairman of the Flying & Safety Committee 15 February, 2016.
All Hang Glider Pilots must READ, DIGEST AND TAKE ACTION on the contents of this Notice and keep it for future reference.
This notice will remain available on the BHPA website and in the Technical manual.

Hang-gliding harnesses with back plates

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What Hugh saw...

I was out for a walk late this afternoon at Beachy head and within the space of 10 minutes saw one pilot top land two metres away from a 3 year old and his family on the footpath (after nearly landing on another walker), then saw another pilot get a low collapse through poor pitch control / very old glider and get dragged, reserve out, across the top. Both were fine, and understood what had happened after talking to them, but this just wasn't the place to be practising low level soaring with so many walkers and young families around. Either incident could have been very serious.

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Finsterwalder buckles with red push button release.

See attached pdf. Several harness brands could be affected.

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Coaching evening: Volbiv by Greg Hammerton and induction for new members.

28 Apr 2016 - 19:30
28 Apr 2016 - 22:00

Locaiton Glynde Social;
7.30 till 8 pm Inductionm for new menbers

From 8 pm:

Flybubble Presents: Volbiv by Greg Hamerton

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Latest BHPA Club Bulletin

March 2016 now available - Click here for a complete list

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Skywalk brake handles