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Kortel reserve handle safety notice

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Turned out OK at the Dyke

Flight diary details
Date of Flight: 
25 Feb 2015
Takeoff site: 
Devils Dyke

After all the various will it wont it for today the answer was just to turn up and have a look.

It as worth it. After a bit of a gusty first 1 hour and half it started to smooth out around 2 pm. Then myself, Garry Taylor, Ed Bewley and Steve Purdie got into a nice lazy thermal up to base at around 2600 ASL. Steve and Garry were a bit more adventurous and headed off to Azda, watching their glide down and not seeing much happening in the distance Ed and I headed back for the hill.

But none the less a fun flight and great having that bit of thermal activity coming through.

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Air law observance

I am just about to release an issue of windsock which is laden with rhetoric about the current poor observance of air law within our club.

I now hear that a serious mid-air collision occurred yesterday or thereabouts.

Firstly, if you witnessed the collision or the hang gliding crashes, please file an incident report with both the BHPA and the shgc.

Secondly, everybody needs to pull their socks up in this regard. We have had fatal mid-air collisions; We don't want any more.

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February Coaching evening - induction and pilot exam

26 Feb 2015 - 19:30
26 Feb 2015 - 22:30

26th Feb at Glynde. 7.30 till 8 pm will be induction for new members

8 till 10 will be the pilot exam. that will be the coaching evening for Feb

You can then retire to the bar after your exam.

From March we will kick off a series of coaching evenings focused more on XC.

See the individual event postings for more details

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Flying over Water

A few days ago there were two pilots simultaneously in the sea at Newhaven. Thankfully nobody died...

The danger inherent in a water landing cannot be overstated. It is usually better to fly into practically anything, downwind if necessary, rather than risk a dunking, unless fully SIV prepared with rescue boat, buoyancy aid and no back protection.

According to the BHPA Technical Manual:

Recommended Practice: Water landings should be avoided at all costs; experienced pilots anticipating flying

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Man Flew!

A fairly experienced pilot who shall not be named flew while suffering from and medicated against man flu.

He promptly flew fully downwind into trees!

As it's that time of year, remember, for very good reasons it is illegal to fly if you are not fit to do so!

Darwin strikes again...

Beachy Head Windsock Update

A new telescopic windsock pole has been put in the equipment tube at Beachy Head. It has an associated ground spike, which can be pushed into hard ground reasonably easily. The pole in its stowed configuration has a plug at the smaller end, which, when removed, allows the top sections to slide out and be twisted into friction lock with the sections below. When fully extended, the larger end cap can be unscrewed, and the pole placed over the ground spike. PLEASE KEEP THE PLUG AND END CAP IN THE BAG ATTACHED TO THE BASE OF THE POLE so that they can be replaced after use.