BHPA Club Bulletins

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BHPA Club Bulletins

216Dec 2017cb216_Dec_2017.pdf
215Sep 2017cb215_Sep_2017.pdf
214Jun 2017cb214_Jun_2017.pdf
213Feb 2017cb213_Feb_2017.pdf
212Dec 2016cb212_Dec_2016.pdf
211Oct 2016cb211_Oct_2016.pdf
210Aug 2016cb210_Aug_2016.pdf
209May 2016cb209_May_2016.pdf
208Mar 2016cb208_Mar_2016.pdf
207Feb 2016cb207_Feb_2016.pdf
206Dec 2015cb206_Dec_2015.pdf
205Sep 2015cb205_Sep_2015.pdf
204Jun 2015cb204_Jun_2015.pdf
203Apr 2015cb203_Apr_2015.pdf
202Feb 2015cb202_Feb_2015.pdf
201Jan 2015cb201_Jan_2015.pdf
200Sep 2014cb200_Sep_2014.pdf
199Dec 2013cb199_Dec_2013.pdf
198Oct 2013cb198_Oct_2013.pdf
197Aug 2013cb197_Aug_2013.pdf
196Mar 2013cb196_mar_2013.pdf
195Feb 2013cb195_feb_2013.pdf
194Jan 2013cb194_jan_2013.pdf
193Dec 2012cb193_dec_2012.pdf
192Sep 2012cb192_sep_2012.pdf
191Jan 2012cb191_jan_2012.pdf
190Sep 2011cb190_sep_2011.pdf
189Jul 2011cb189_jul_2011.pdf
188May 2011cb188_may_2011.pdf
187Mar 2011cb187_mar_2011.pdf
186Jul 2010cb186_jul_2010.pdf
185Jun 2010cb185_Jun_2010.pdf
184Apr 2010cb184_apr_2010.pdf
183Feb 2010cb183_feb_2010.pdf
182Dec 2009cb182_Dec_2009.pdf
181Oct 2009cb181_Oct_2009.pdf
180Sep 2009cb180_Sep_2009.pdf
179Aug 2009cb179_Aug_2009.pdf
178Jun 2009cb178_Jun_2009.pdf
177May 2009cb177_May_2009.pdf
176Apr 2009cb176_Apr_2009.pdf
175Feb 2009cb175_Feb_2009.pdf
174Dec 2008cb174_Dec_2008.pdf
173Nov 2008cb173_Nov_2008.pdf
172Oct 2008cb172_Oct_2008.pdf
171Sep 2008cb171_Sep_2008.pdf
170Jul 2008cb170_Jul_2008.pdf
169May 2008cb169_May_2008.pdf
168Apr 2008cb168_Apr_2008.pdf
167Mar 2008cb167_Mar_2008.pdf
166Feb 2008cb166_Feb_2008.pdf
165Jan 2008cb165_Jan_2008.pdf
164Dec 2007cb164_Dec_2007.pdf
163Oct-Nov 2007cb163_Oct-Nov_2007.pdf
162Sep 2007cb162_Sep_2007.pdf
161Aug 2007cb161_Aug_2007.pdf
160Jul 2007cb160_Jul_2007.pdf
159Jun 2007cb159_Jun_2007.pdf
158May 2007cb158_May_2007.pdf
157Apr 2007cb157_Apr_2007.pdf
156Mar 2007cb156_Mar_2007.pdf
155Feb 2007cb155_Feb_2007.pdf
154Jan 2007cb154_Jan_2007.pdf
146Jan 2006cb146_Jan_2006.pdf
140Feb 2005cb140_Feb_2005.pdf
139Jan 2005cb139_Jan_2005.pdf
138Nov-Dec 2004cb138_Nov-Dec_2004.pdf
137Oct 2004cb137_Oct_2004.pdf
135Aug 2004cb135_Aug_2004.pdf
123Feb 2003cb123_Feb_2003.pdf
121Dec 2002cb121_Dec_2002.pdf
120Oct 2002cb120_Oct_2002.pdf
114Feb 2002cb114_Feb_2002.pdf
110Oct 2001cb110_Oct_2001.pdf
109Sep 2001cb109_Sep_2001.pdf
107Jul 2001cb107_Jul_2001.pdf
106Jun 2001cb106_Jun_2001.pdf
105May 2001cb105_May_2001.pdf
90Feb 2000cb090_Feb_2000.pdf

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Instructor and Coach Newsletters

21Nov 2017I & C newsletter No 21 Nov 2017.pdf
20Feb 2017I & C newsletter No 20 Feb 2017.pdf
19Oct 2016I & C newsletter No 19 Oct 2016.pdf
18Mar 2016I & C newsletter No 18 Mar 2016.pdf
17Sep 2015I & C newsletter No 17 Sep 2015.pdf
16Oct 2014I & C newsletter No 16 Oct 2014.pdf
15Jan 2006I & C newsletter No 15 Jan 2006.pdf
14May 2004I & C newsletter No 14 May 2004.pdf
13Apr 2003I & C newsletter No 13 Apr 2003.pdf
12Jun 2002I & C newsletter No 12 Jun 2002.pdf
11Oct 2001I & C newsletter No 11 Oct 2001.pdf
10Apr 2001I & C newsletter No 10 Apr 2001.pdf
9Oct 2000I & C newsletter No 09 Oct 2000.pdf
8Apr 2000I & C newsletter No 08 Apr 2000.pdf
7Oct 1999I & C newsletter No 07 Oct 1999.pdf
6Apr 1999I & C newsletter No 06 Apr 1999.pdf
5Oct 1998I & C newsletter No 05 Oct 1998.pdf
4Apr 1998I & C newsletter No 04 Apr 1998.pdf
3Oct 1998I & C newsletter No 03 Oct 1998.pdf
2Apr 1998I & C newsletter No 02 Apr 1998.pdf