XC for Christmas

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28 Dec 2017
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One of my flying ambitions has been to do a proper downwind XC from the coast, getting high in the sea thermals. Today I achieved my first coastal XC completely unexpectedly. The sea thermals looked good on RASP but I didn't know if I'd be able to go XC as there wasn't any inland convection predicted.
To start with in the morning all the clouds were dissipating well before they reached the coast but as the day warmed up they started arriving at the coast and even drifting inland. After an aborted attempt to climb out and a sketchy glide back to the hill, myself and Andy Marks climbed out in a nice solid climb to about 1800ft before we were committed to going over the back. Above 2200ft it got a lot colder and more unstable. If we'd been able to stay in that unstable layer we might have gone further. Cloudbase was only 3000ft though so there was no chance of that.
We mostly dribbled along in zeros exploring the lift for each other but there wasn't much to be had once we were away from the coast.
It was an insanely good day for December. It feels like spring has come early

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Nice one.

And I thought I'd done well to get an hour scratching at the Dyke. Nice one, Matt!