Hang Gliding Lanzarote

30 Jan 2014 - 10:00
6 Feb 2014 - 10:00

A midwinter break for all levels of hang glider pilot. Superb volcanic scenery and the awesome Famara cliffs. We stay in villa accommodation near Puerto Del Carman. Hire cars provide access to the flying sites. Often too breezy for paragliders Lanzarote is perfect for hang gliding with magnificent coastal soaring and inland thermic flights with interesting convergence over the island.
Spaces are limited. Contact us ASAP to register interest.
John. (South Downs Hang Gliding)

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LukeNicol's picture


Plane ticket booked, can't wait!

ScottD's picture


I am a little tempted - I do want to fly Famara at least once in my flying days... :-)

my flying and photos are here... http://www.stovolando.co.uk

David Williams's picture

Wonderful place - as long as

Wonderful place - as long as you remember to clip in. That's not aimed at you personally - I'm sure you always check, but I still shudder when I remember watching a guy top land at Famara, and then after a couple of minutes walk to the front and lob off without a hang check (despite having a nose man). Only good thing was that it demonstrated that the emergency services on Lanzarote respond well, though it was still quite a time before they could recover him and helicopter him to hospital. Having only a floppy wing and being of a nervous disposition, I was never brave enough to venture far along the Famara ridge, but still remember it and Mirador as highlights of my admittedly modest PG career.