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1 Sep 2012 - 18:00
2 Sep 2012 - 10:00

SHGC Summer Bash - 2012

...will now be on Saturday 1st September.

I hope you're all duly excited about the Sumer Bash, as it's going to be a blast. So what’s happening this year?

Well we'll be kicking off around 6 with some fun & games, the rubber lunge and pop up tent competition making a welcome come back, as well as an exciting surprise game - more details to follow. We'll provide some cheap Harvey's beer and Middle Farm cider, but do feel free to bring your own booze. For food we have the wonderful Pizza Amore, classic wood fired pizza served from a converted 1940's Citroen Van, and of course there'll be dancing. We have a live band, a very talented group of musicians with a fab vocalist. Think Adele or Amy Winehouse (erm, without the drug problem though.....), and if you want your favorite track to be played after their sets, then drop Catherine a line and She'll be sure to add it to the list.

We'll also have a big fire and plenty of room for camping. Location is a closer to our sites this year. We are just outside Ringmer, postcode for your Sat Nav is BN8 6SJ.

Cost is £10 per adult, kids go free. The usual suspects have tickets so find us on the hill, myself, Emily, the two Daves (Hairy and Massie), not forgetting the schools, Sussex, Flybubble and Airworks. Buy in advance on the hill or on the gate.

See you there!

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Perfect for the summer bash...

We have a winch, just need to find the pins!

Best wishes, David

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All joking aside if we could get a winch for the summer bash it would be great to have some flying done and mite get a better turn out "If ppl are tow rated that is" won't stop every one running off to the hills if the weather is good though.


will this accomodate winch rated Hangies

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..... can be found on the attachmemt

Sub Divo's picture

Who's joking...

I think it's a great idea! :-)

Best wishes, David

Excellent! The change of

Excellent! The change of date means I can come -- and this year I'll have all the right equipment for the rubber lunge.

Hairy Dave's picture

In addition to the rubber

In addition to the rubber lunge, other silly games dredged up from my dodgey history of bike rallies might also make an appearance, if I can think of a way to stop people hurting themselves too much.

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Chauffeur Monkey

As in previous years, I will be offering a massive discount to members who wish to drive to the party, get drunk, and need us to drive them home after, details nearer the time when a date is announced! 03456 212 999

Tony m

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Giiirl I'm going this

Giiirl I'm going this year... :)))))

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Looking forward to it

I enjoyed it last year but, at the risk of labouring a point, if I did't go this year I'd have £50 towards an increase in site fees, which should more than cover Caburn and the rest.

If I can drive by then I'll be coming to the Summer Bash anyway and looking forward to it.

Catherine's picture

It won't cost £50 per person....

... so you will still have something in the kitty Chris :-)

(Actually that all deepnds on how many people you bring with you thinking about it......)

I'll post soon to confirm the price and details of where you can get a ticket. I look forward to seeing you there!

ChrisTownsend's picture

Not for everyone, no . . .

. . . but I was basing that on it costing me about £60 last year: ticket + petrol from London + beer. I realise it won't cost everyone that much and wouldn't want to put people off but my point, as I'm sure nobody missed, was to put into perspective a potential increase in club subs to pay for increased site fees.