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Hang gliding general :: RE: Flying Japan in Feb

25 May, 2015 - 02:36
Author: butchpeachy
Posted: Sun May 24, 2015 6:36 pm (GMT -8)

When I flew there a drogue chute helped on the small LZs.

Hang gliding general :: planning my trip to king

25 May, 2015 - 02:18
Author: Wagner24314
Subject: planning my trip to king
Posted: Sun May 24, 2015 6:18 pm (GMT -8)

will any one want a team member?

im alittle scared since ill be going out there alone
"Cocky Bastard". Never land on your face it hurts

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Hang gliding general :: RE: Inland Mountain Top Landing

25 May, 2015 - 02:11
Author: butchpeachy
Posted: Sun May 24, 2015 6:11 pm (GMT -8)

What a wealth of info comes forward on any subject from pilots of the Org. Thanks.
When it comes to confident XC flying, the skill of a fly on the wall FOW to top landing has come in handy. I would of fared better if I had progressively practiced instead of just going for it. I'm a pilot of the 70-80s XC culture that Helix3 mentioned so intuition and luck has blessed my flying history.
A few occasions I put myself in a corner and downwind uphill landing to crosswind uphill has saved my bacon. For example....
Stop reading for those who have been there done that or easy bored with me me accounts.
1978 single surface glider ASG 21 could not make a LZ without lift from Cerro Gordo in Owens Valley. I used uphill crosswind landing at Trash Can halfway down the mountain.
1979 single surface UP Mosquito could not make a LZ in 15-20 winds from Gunter in Owen Valley so we used the white mine tailing pile half way down for another cross wind up hill landing.
After cornering myself at 13k msl, I had to do a lee side high wind uphill landing under a 50-60 mph rotor north of White Mountain (behind Palliser Flats) in the Owens. That is an overnight 1979 sky camping story.
We landed on the hillsides when coming up short on a comp tasks in Brazil. This was prompted due to the spider web of valley wires running this way and that. One pilot landed in a perfectly good looking flat field only to sink up to his armpits in a swamp bog.
In Japan we did lee side landings on bridge abutments. Some of the kamikaze LZs involved a final approach under power lines. It seemed safer to land in the trees. I did one under the wire into a dry rice field.
Another handy skill is landing in the lee of a tree line with a cross wind of a narrow field mentioned by Dave Gill. I used this technique at the last Masters comp Grandfather Mountain NC and Lakeview OR.
Fly on the wall worked for me on a below launch landing at Governador Valadares in a 10-12 soarable wind. I had a harness malfunction and needed to land. A top landing would of had to be a perfect under a power line landing so a FOW was a less risky option. I fixed the harness, relaunched and back on task.
There are more landing scenarios that come to mine but I have gone way too long.
Since I've been flying a topless and out of the comp scene, I have not attempted any the above. I should spend some time at Winchester training hill doing progressive practice. Anyone want to come out and join me?

Hang gliding Videos :: RE: Dreaming Awake the Kickstarter (and Trailer!)

25 May, 2015 - 01:59
Author: Nicos
Posted: Sun May 24, 2015 5:59 pm (GMT -8)

3.5k to go, 8 days remaining...

The Basement :: RE: Things that make you laugh your ass off

25 May, 2015 - 01:42
Author: Fred Wilson
Posted: Sun May 24, 2015 5:42 pm (GMT -8)

A priest was called away for an emergency. Not wanting to leave the confessional unattended, he called his rabbi friend from across the street and asked him to cover for him.
The rabbi told him he wouldn't know what to say, but the priest told him to come on over and he'd stay with him for a little bit and show him what to do.

The rabbi comes, and he and the priest are in the confessional. In a few minutes, a woman comes in and says, "Father, forgive me for I have sinned."

The priest asks, "What did you do?"

The woman says, "I committed adultery."

The priest says, "How many times?"

And the woman replies, "Three."

Priest: "Say two Hail Mary's, put $5 in the box, and go and sin no more."

A few minutes later a man enters the confessional. He says, "Father forgive me for I have sinned."

"What did you do?"

"I committed adultery."

"How many times?"

"Three times."

The priest says, "Say two Hail Mary's, put $5 in the box and go and sin no more."

The rabbi tells the priest that he thinks he's got it, so the priest leaves.
A few minutes later another woman enters and says, "Father, forgive me for I have sinned."

The rabbi says, "What did you do?"

The woman replies, "I committed adultery."

The rabbi, getting it off pat, says, "How many times?"

The woman replies, "Once."

The rabbi said, "Go and do it two more times, We have a special this week, three for $5."
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The Basement :: RE: Things that make you laugh your ass off

25 May, 2015 - 01:39
Author: Fred Wilson
Posted: Sun May 24, 2015 5:39 pm (GMT -8)

A young ventriloquist is touring the clubs and stops to entertain at a club in a small town.

He's going through his usual run of stupid blonde jokes, when a blonde woman in the fourth row stands on her chair and says:

"I've heard just about enough of your denigrating blonde jokes!
What makes you think you can stereotype women that way?

What does a person's physical attributes have to do with their worth as a human being?

It's guys like you who keep women like me from being respected at work and in my community, of reaching my full potential as a person ..
... because you and your kind continue to perpetuate discrimination against not only blondees but women at large ... all in the name of humour."

Flustered, the ventriloquist begins to apologize, but the blonde stops him.

"You stay out of this mister; I'm talking to that little jerk on your knee!"
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Hang gliding general :: Lakeview Sugar Hill bailout LZ status?

25 May, 2015 - 00:47
Author: lepikhin
Subject: Lakeview Sugar Hill bailout LZ status?
Posted: Sun May 24, 2015 4:47 pm (GMT -8)

Lakeview Sugar Hill bailout LZ status.

What is it? Heard some closures last year or year ago. Not that I am planning on landing there, but...

Hang gliding general :: Worlds Lightest SS & DS Glider-(Condor Lifter and Crex

25 May, 2015 - 00:08
Author: Bateleur
Subject: Worlds Lightest SS & DS Glider-(Condor Lifter and Crex
Posted: Sun May 24, 2015 4:08 pm (GMT -8)

Their website claims it (google translate to English to read the write-up about these 2 new gliders)

Could these 2 gliders be a great choice for dune gooning & light coastal flying conditions? I would imagine they would do really well:)

Q&A, Learning to hang glide :: RE: Any body tried one of the cell phone vario apps?

24 May, 2015 - 23:33
Author: RobertKesselring
Posted: Sun May 24, 2015 3:33 pm (GMT -8)

OK so I've been playing with XCTrack on my galaxy s5 and noticed that it often reads that I'm 10 to 30 meters AGL when I am, in fact, on the ground. Another app I've got that displays altitude from GPS shows that I'm 10 to 30 meters lower then XCTrack does. My first thought was that barometric pressure changes with weather so in order for a presure based altimeter to be accurate it would have to be calibrated to account for the weather. Sure enough, XCTrack has a "calibrate" button under the pressure sensor menu, but either it does something else or I'm too ignorant to figure out how to use it because after several minutes of calibrating it still shows 25 meters higher then the GPS shows.

What gives?

Hang gliding general :: RE: Quitting! (or, how many gliders is too many? )

24 May, 2015 - 21:07
Author: Rebardan
Posted: Sun May 24, 2015 1:07 pm (GMT -8)

'love em and leave em' Jack.

Hang gliding general :: RE: Quitting! (or, how many gliders is too many? )

24 May, 2015 - 20:42
Author: Spark
Subject: Re: Gliders
Posted: Sun May 24, 2015 12:42 pm (GMT -8)

Eteamjack wrote: Everyone said I was bad. You doubled my score.

It is good to know I am not alone.

So truth be known, I now really want a sport2.

After that, I'll quit.
H4, fledged in '76

Hang gliding general :: RE: Quitting! (or, how many gliders is too many? )

24 May, 2015 - 20:15
Author: Eteamjack
Subject: Gliders
Posted: Sun May 24, 2015 12:15 pm (GMT -8)

Everyone said I was bad. You doubled my score.
H4 (1979) Lake Elsinore. Ca. U2 160 (Sweet)
"If Your One Who Doesn't Succeed At First Maybe Hanggliding's Not For You"

Hang gliding general :: Quitting! (or, how many gliders is too many? )

24 May, 2015 - 19:17
Author: Spark
Subject: Quitting! (or, how many gliders is too many? )
Posted: Sun May 24, 2015 11:17 am (GMT -8)

quitting ... flying this Freedom 190, i.e. selling it - check the classifieds

photos at


the first step is to admit I have a problem. folks, I haven't been able to stop buying (or selling) gliders.

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1976 Seagull Seahawk
1977 Seagull Seagull VII
1978 Seagull Seagull 10-meter
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1979 UP Mosquito 166
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1981 Wills Wing Raven 209
1981 Moyes GTR Racer 162
1982 Eipper Antares 170
1982 UP Condor 269
1982 UP Gemini 184
1982 UP Mosquito 166
1982 Wills Wing Raven 229
1983 Eipper Antares 190
1983 Wills Wing Sport 167 Euro
1985 Delta Wing Streak 160
1990 Moyes XS 155
1996 Wills Wing Duck 160
1999 Pacific Airwave K4
2000 Moyes GTR 210
2000 Pacific Airwave K3
2001 Wills Wing Sport 167 American
2002 Moyes CSX 5
2003 UP TRX 160
2003 Wills Wing Falcon 195
2004 Delta wing Dream 205
2004 Wills Wing Alpha
2004 Wills Wing Falcon 225
2004 Wills Wing Talon 150
2005 Enterprise Desire 151
2005 Wills Wing Falcon II Tandem
2006 Wills Wing U2 160
2007 Wills Wing Falcon 3 170
2007 Wills Wing Sport 2 155
2009 Northwing Horizon ET 180
2009 Wills Wing Falcon II Tandem
2010 Wills Wing Falcon II 225
2011 Wills Wing U2 160
2012 Wills Wing Falcon II 195
2014 Northwing Freedom 190
H4, fledged in '76

Hang gliding general :: RE: New Sport Class Glider from Moyes - The Gecko

24 May, 2015 - 16:44
Author: over50
Posted: Sun May 24, 2015 8:44 am (GMT -8)

... totally nice, but not affordable because of change AUD/EUR. Wish, ICARO would do something else ... !

over 50

Hang gliding general :: RE: Cracks in my U2-160 wing tip battens

24 May, 2015 - 16:17
Author: Tormod
Posted: Sun May 24, 2015 8:17 am (GMT -8)

The key words here's "used wisely". Not for everybody.

Hang gliding general :: RE: Inland Mountain Top Landing

24 May, 2015 - 15:40
Author: CAL
Posted: Sun May 24, 2015 7:40 am (GMT -8)

you might be able to get away with it several times until you don't. I am not sure of how safe it is.

we all know that our wanting to fly out weighs the fear, so ask yourself, does your need to land on top of a mountain out weigh the risk involved, we all have our wants to push certain envelopes, I do at XC, but my need to search higher and farther out weighs the risk,

I make a list of all the risk before attempting certain attempts, so this is what I would do if I wanted to attempt an on top landing, if I broke a part while landing, or myself, do I have a retrieval ? I have broke parts landing in good LZ's sad but true, knowing this my risk now our weighs by need to land on top, so I would practice my good LZ landings until I was perfect than consider it, Mike owner of Wills Wing used to do it several times but than failed, now he will not attempt it again, he did it to aid him in test flights, after messing up the glider he test flew, he decided going the extra distance in his vehicle was better than taking the risk, I would read up on other experiences as you are doing, if your need to land on top exceeds your fear than by all means it is a chance you are willing to make, as for me I will pick that big LZ anytime during my quest for XC anytime over a mountain landing, but would never knock anyone for there quest to land on top
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Hang gliding general :: RE: Inland Mountain Top Landing

24 May, 2015 - 15:37
Author: Dave Gills
Posted: Sun May 24, 2015 7:37 am (GMT -8)

I have not done it but I've watched others in Templeton, Pa.
It's done by doing a diving turn just over the trees.
They then tuck in getting as close as possible to the trees they just cleared.
(sometimes landing UNDER them at the edge of the field)
The rotor basically is over their head & it is kind of like a surfer in a pipe.

I was told it took many years to perfect it.
At one point they put in about 100 streemers tied to little sticks all over the field & watched them from lawn chairs.
Daedalus Club & Hyner Club

Hang gliding Videos :: RE: Billboard to Snow Peak & Return - Video

24 May, 2015 - 14:47
Author: NMERider
Posted: Sun May 24, 2015 6:47 am (GMT -8)

jheissjr wrote: I see you have a head support installed. I see the line going from the helmet to the carabiner but can't see where it goes from the carabiner. Is the line adjustable? I use a long piece of tent pole bungee cord through two pulley and then down to my helmet so that the force is smooth and not jerky. Yes, the tension (lifting force) is adjustable (no, it's not a line) by choking up on the length. Right now it produces 1.8# of pull. I'll try to take some recent photos later today.
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Hang gliding general :: RE: Inland Mountain Top Landing

24 May, 2015 - 14:41
Author: ChattaroyMan
Posted: Sun May 24, 2015 6:41 am (GMT -8)

Inland round-ish top .....
Know what the wind is doing on top from various wind directions & speeds. If others top land the place watch them and chat with them. Have a plan and begin it early - such as practicing the necessary approaches before attempting the landing. The greater the area on top you can land the better (easier). Contemplate scenarios or what-ifs on what you'll do if too high or too low. Your main goal is to stay out of the lee side down air and land where there is as much of a horizontal flow as possible. The more narrow the landable area on the top the more demand there is on your skills. Approaching the top from downwind isn't advised (although it can be done). Approaching from along the spine of the ridge (crosswind) can better put you at the height needed.
I hope to pioneer a mountain this summer where I'll be landing back on top of it or on the top of another mtn 8 mi away. I've already visited both tops several times to identify my best approaches. My first flight will be in ridge soaring conditions that are forecasted to last a significant portion of the day. Aiding me will be easily seen wind directions in the movement of the top mountain meadow vegetation. I expect to make numerous high passes before settling into a particular spot.
U2 160 • Chattaroy, WA - USA

Q&A, Learning to hang glide :: RE: Newbie Questions From Brazil

24 May, 2015 - 14:19
Author: red
Subject: Newbie Questions From Brazil
Posted: Sun May 24, 2015 6:19 am (GMT -8)


Welcome to our campfire ! You will find a lot of information in the WIKI here (the middle tab at the top of the page). You may find some differences of opinion on certain topics, but you should be aware of other viewpoints. Some may be more valid than others.

I am opposed to any student listening to only one source, even if that source is a book, or an instructor. You should have as much information as you may need, to decide if your path is safe enough. Discussions of any differences can benefit both sides of the debate.

As for wind and glide ratios, you would need some real information to work with, to start. If you need 10 minutes to glide to the landing field, you will sink a certain distance as you do that. If the wind is straight in your face, and half of your gliding speed, then it will take twice as long to get to the landing field, and you would sink twice as far, because of the wind. If that "sink number" is too large, you would be on the ground before you get to the landing field. Beyond this simple example, things can get very complicated. For now, do not attempt to fly to landing fields which are far from the launch site, especially if there are no closer fields that are safe for you, if needed. As you gain experience, watch other HG pilots, flying on a glider like yours, and see if they are getting to the landing field with plenty of altitude left, or just barely clearing the fence. If they must stop and work in lift to get to the field, this is not a good sign for you, so far. That may change as you become a better pilot, but until that is true for you, fly only where there are closer fields that can be used for a safe landing, if needed. Gain these skills in easy, safe steps, where you have closer fields to land, if needed. Nobody is born with advanced flying skills.

Pssst! New pilot? Free advice, maybe worth the price,
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